A Feline Fever Dream: CATS (2019)

A Feline Fever Dream: CATS (2019)

It should come to absoutely no surprise that CATS would have the next of it’s *ahem, dry heave*… nine lives, celebrated in rep cinemas across the world. This movie is a disasterpiece on all levels, reaching cult film status the likes of XANADU or CAN’T STOP THE MUSIC the moment it hit the screen on opening night, and you’d better believe The Royal has been scheming on how to dive into the mayhem since then. Maybe more surprises to come? Who knows! Hold onto your hairballs because the nightmare is just beginning…

-Get your very own CATS caricature done by artist Nicole Partkya! -CATS photobooth for all your selfie needs! New Tinder pic maybe? -God help us we’re doing CATS karaoke on the big screen! Sign up sheet to come

MOVIE / WHEN THINGS GET REALLY, REALLY WEIRD – 8 PM:Ladies of Burlesque has generously organized a cast of cats to entice and confuse the senses all throughout the evening!

Allysin Chaynes as Rum Tum Tugger
Zilly Lilly as Mr Mistoffelees
Dottie Dangerfield as Grizabella
Charlie Quinn as Macavity

Programming Director Richelle Charkot will be celebrating their 28th birthday and dreamt up this event literally when they had a fever, so please come out and join in!

Get tickets for this event on: TicketMaster.

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